By Elly Driessen

“Is There Life Behind Those Shutters”

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A delightful Diary about seven months in food-loving France, available on and
Elly Driessen and her husband, DV Cuisine producer Nick Versteeg, took “Time Out” traveling through the south of France and beyond.

Elly Driessen

This Diary will give you an insight into their experiences, eating in fantastic French restaurants, visiting local street markets, that are abundant with fresh local produce, cheeses, fish, and meats. They also visited historical sites, ancient castles, and many beautiful medieval villages, part of “Les plus beaux villages de France.”They also took side trips to Normandy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Andorra.



Makes me want to travel to France right now
A fun and uplifting book with lots of useful details for exploring the south of France and its food! I read the whole book in one sitting, couldn’t put it down.

– Pam M.


Fantastic adventure: Inspiring travel adventure. It makes me want to follow in Elly’s footsteps and visit the places so eloquently described.

Liza W.

I really enjoyed this deeply personal travel diary. If you’re a traveler, you’ll appreciate the adventures of the author and her husband as they trek through France, and beyond, on the cusp of the pandemic. My husband and I are looking forward to extended vacations in Europe and this travel journal offered a little taste of what to expect.

Denise M.

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

French Pastries

Local markets in France


San Sebastian Pintxos (Tapas) 

Creative French dishes

Carnival in Limoux

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This Diary will be useful for anyone, who wants to travel for three months or more in France and beyond. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Enjoy! 

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